Me & my Blog

I’m a young writer just wielding my way through life. A psychology undergraduate. An African gem. I started this blog because I wanted to explore something different and help myself at the same time. I wanted my voice to sound and be heard.

I write to vent but also to heal – it is an escape; a refuge. This is my space to share and inspire. To learn and to teach. I write for the girl child that’s undermined and forgotten. I write for the girl child that is too afraid to go after her dreams. I write for the girls that never had a woman to turn to. For the girls that haven’t found their footing just yet. For all of you.

No one ever warned me on how painfully beautiful it is
to be a woman.

NOTE: These are my words unless stated otherwise through quotations and references. If you so wish to use some of my material, do reference my words as these are pieces of myself that I have chose to share.